A Work in Progress

Like many local veterans, Dean Davidge is a member of both the VFW and American Legion. As Quartermaster (treasurer/business manager) of the VFW post, he created a website for the post several years ago. With the two groups cooperating in so many activities, he thought a joint website would be more effective at promoting some of their common events such as the Cannon Ball.

The new site is live while it is being developed. Photos and content will continue to be added regularly as photos from other members become available and time permits. The primary URL for the site is http://www.SYValleyVets.org, the VFW page can be accessed from http://www.vfw7139.org and the American Legion page can be accessed from http://www.AmLegion160.org. Any part of the site can be visited after getting here with any of the three URLs.

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